C-I School Board has first look at MCA test results

The Cambridge-Isanti School Board had its first look at the recent Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment results during the Sept. 19 board meeting.

Director of Teaching and Learning Tim Truebenbach gave the board a brief presentation on the results, with a more formal presentation planned for Oct. 24.

Truebenbach explained the district is in the third year of the MCA III in math. He said the district continued its trend of improving in math as a district, improving from 62 percent in 2012 to 66 percent in 2013.

The district is in its first year of the MCA III in reading. Truebenbach explained these assessments are aligned to the Common Core Standards, which are much more rigorous and difficult to compare because they are new.

Truebenbach explained the district did stay above the state average, but it did experience a similar drop as the rest of the state experienced. In 2012 (the MCA II test), the district was at 77 percent, while the state was at 76 percent. In 2013, the state was at 58 percent, while the district was at 59 percent.

“We will continue to work with our individual principals/buildings on analyzing these results as they pertain to them,” Truebenbach said. “Each building will create SMART Goals to address the areas of growth. We can celebrate the fact that a majority of our scores were at or above the state average, but never cease to continue to grow in our instructional practices.”

Truebenbach added the district is working with Minnesota Department of Education analysts to embed the district’s recent scores into a five-year trend presentation as the district approaches the release of the Multiple Measure Rating around Oct. 1.