Plan ahead for your 2014 health care

This article was printed in the Business Connection paid advertising section of the Isanti County News on Sept. 4, 2013.

Several years ago, people knew changes were coming to the healthcare system in America.

The Affordable Care Act goes into effect Jan. 1, 2014. To prepare for these changes, Fairchild Insurance Specialists agent, Dolly Fairchild, recommends all Americans read, “Obama Care Survival Guide: The Affordable Care Act and What It Means for You and Your Healthcare.”

Kyle Fairchild and Dolly Fairchild are partners at Fairchild Insurance Specialists in Cambridge.
Kyle Fairchild and Dolly Fairchild are partners at Fairchild Insurance Specialists in Cambridge.

This non-fiction book summarizes The Affordable Care Act in 299 pages and makes it easier to understand than the original law text which is over 2,700 pages. Dolly believes this condensed version should be in every home in America.

Written by Nick J. Tate and published by Humanix Publishing LLC, the book is available for purchase at bookstores and online for $12.99. Inside the book, readers will find a calendar listing what changes will occur and when. The author’s good advice is highlighted on page sidebars. For example, “ObamaCare…prevents insurance companies from dropping your coverage after you get sick because you made a minor error when you filled out your application. And thanks to ObamaCare, they can no longer refuse to give you coverage because you have a pre-existing health condition or charge you a higher premium because you’re older or have a chronic disease that increases your use of healthcare.”

Quality healthcare for senior citizens and disabled people is important to Dolly and her son Kyle Fairchild. They are committed to being their clients service agents for life. Dolly and Kyle go above and beyond to make sure their clients get the best medical and dental coverage they can afford. Their clients appreciate the personal service they receive from Dolly and Kyle, and they refer them to others frequently.

Open enrollment for senior citizens and disabled people for 2014 is Oct. 15 through Dec. 10, 2013. For more information, Dolly will be holding free seminars at East Central Energy at 412 Main Ave. N in Braham. The seminars will be held from 1-3 p.m. Oct. 23, Nov. 6 and 20, and Dec. 4. Pick a date for one of these important seminars and put it on your calendar.

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