Why I love my neighborhood

Dear Editor:

I like it here and here is why. A neighborhood? It defines each one of us as to what we put forth to ‘make it work.’ It is in the making of each one of us. No, we are not perfect folks. Some are young (and really young … babies), some are old and older (that could be me). op_Tureen

The photo of neighbor Judy Danielson tells a story, and this is part of the story I wish to tell about my neighborhood.

As to the photo of Judy … Judy and Bruce Danielson chose to make this ‘curbside lending library,’ patterned after their home so that others might enjoy. It is for anyone to borrow from, to return and add to.

Who stops by? Former teachers, little kids, tiny kids (babies in strollers with a mom behind), walkers passing by that become curious and open the ‘library,’ cars pull over, neighbors check it out, and very senior men and women check out the ‘library.’ There is a variety of reading material in that library. Isn’t this a nice thing for a neighbor to do?

More on my neighborhood. One has a big dog. I am not sure ‘it’ knows it is a dog. ‘It’ knows it is not welcome in my yard. The dog has excellent care … really pampered. I kind of love that dog. Don’t tell the dog.

Many little kiddies are here. Great parenting abounds. Kids here don’t have luxurious toys, etc. Just the same old stuff, day after day. They are all happy campers.

Our very first ‘block party’ took place this past week. What a blast.

A young couple a few doors down from me put this in motion. It was so fun to be there in all that excitement. Little kiddies and everyone had a great time. Neighborhoods? I love mine.

Lois Tureen