Sea Cadets need a new home to hold monthly drills

Dear Editor:

The US Navy Sea Cadet Program is one of the best kept secrets around. Yet it’s right here in our own back yard.

This program has been around since the late 50s, open to boys and girls ages 11-17 years-old. Sea Cadets offer youth an opportunity to try out the military without having to commit to 4+ years. Polaris Battalion was formed in Cambridge in 2011, finding a home in the newly built Armory. Sharing space with the National Guard and the Army Reserves has been an honor and an experience for the young men and women from Polaris to be able to walk the same halls as their hallowed heroes.

The problem is, the youth of Cambridge and surrounding areas can no longer walk those same halls as they have become silent casualties of Sequestration. Now in no means do these young men and women believe they are casualties, and will continue to be proud and drill where ever they can find space. They know that their heroes didn’t remove them from the Armory, it was just a need that happens when budgets are tight and space is limited.

So these young Cadets are asking for help from the community. We need space to drill once a month with an office just big enough to house a few staff members, uniforms and supplies and an area where classes can be conducted so that Cadets can learn about Navy Customs and Courtesies as well as land navigation, STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math), knot tying, field ops and other military tactics. The room could double as a place to run physical training exercise and martial arts training. The US Navy Sea Cadet Corp (USNSCC) offers so much to these kids, they just need a home to drill out of one weekend a month. If you can offer help, contact Dawn van Hees at [email protected]

Dawn van Hees