County prepares for next public sale of tax forfeited properties

Isanti County is gearing up for its next public sale of tax forfeited properties in Isanti County.

During the Isanti County Board meeting Aug. 7, Isanti County Auditor-Treasurer Terry Treichel presented a listing of the parcels that will be available for purchase during the public sale.

Single family homes, detached townhomes, townhomes and twinhomes were included on the listing.

The listing, which included approximately 150 parcels, also included the auditor’s recommended sale price.

Treichel explained since the properties didn’t sell at a previous auction in 2012, the parcels are going to be auctioned off again, with most properties having a lower sales price than in 2012.

He said he would like the Board to set the date for the public sale as soon as possible at an upcoming Board meeting.

Treichel explained there are approximately 50 single family properties located in the city of Cambridge in the Parkwood Development that were listed at $10,000 in 2012.

He said his office is recommending a sale price of $15,000 for those properties for the upcoming auction in 2013.

Cambridge City Administrator Lynda Woulfe asked the Board to consider not raising the sale price of those Parkwood properties.

“We are making progress on some of these parcels and it will be more difficult if we raise the prices on these lots,” Woulfe said. “We want to work with Isanti County to get these lots turned around as fast as we can, but we don’t feel developers can support those increases. We hope you consider leaving them at the same price of the last sale. What is best for the city, county and the school district, is to get these properties off the tax roll.”

Woulfe said the city doesn’t have any issues with the sale prices of the other properties listed in the city of Cambridge.

The Board said they will discuss the issue of the sale prices at a future board work session to gain a better understanding of the situation.

In other action the board:

• Deemed a 1999 Crown Victoria, 2006 Ford Crown Victoria and a 1999 Chevy Pick-up from the sheriff’s office as surplus property and placed for public sale.

• Accepted the resignation of Tim Spicer, highway maintenance worker and approved a request to fill the position.

• Ratified the hire of Deanna Natoli, assistant county attorney.

• Heard a legislative update from Senator Sean Nienow. During the update, Isanti County Commissioner Larry Southerland voiced concerns with the intersection of Highways 65 and 107 in Braham. Southerland said the work MnDOT did a few years ago isn’t working, and is concerned with future traffic accidents and fatalities at the intersection.