Braham superintendent provides summer update

Gregory A. Winter, Superintendent
Braham Area Schools

We are in the midst of another busy summer for Braham Area Schools. It is becoming a sign of the times the conflict that occurs in our schools during the course of summer. Summer has traditionally been the lull that occurs in our buildings that allows our custodial staff to clean, maintain and update our facilities. However, an ever-increasing amount of summer programming for our students keeps the custodial staff busy working around all of the educational opportunities we now offer to our students.

One of the most exciting changes that will start this fall is our new All Day/Every Day Kindergarten. We will be providing this program free to all of our students. The elementary staff has been working on the implementation of this program for the past two years. Although the Legislature will not fully fund this program until the fall of 2014, this is a program we are committed to providing to our students.

In the aftermath of our 3-year participation in the School Improvement Grant (SIG) at the secondary level, our district has decided to keep a few of the components of this program in place. The most important programs we will be keeping in place are the support programs that will allow students adequate transition and help them with personal and interpersonal issues throughout their high school education. Along with the student support programs, the entire district will be involved in major identification and restructuring of the curriculum process. A structured plan will be developed identifying the steps needed to move forward with a 1:1 initiative on the use of tablet type devices for all students.

One major physical change that will be very apparent in both the elementary and secondary building are the entrances to the buildings. The redesign of the entrances will still allow for access to the buildings as needed. However, there will be more accountability to the visitors and an ability to secure these entrances if needed.

Other projects in the process of completion over the course of this summer are: continuation of roofing projects, security cameras in the elementary schools, new lighting in the secondary parking lot and other miscellaneous landscaping projects.

We are looking forward to the start of the 2013-2014 school year. As we move further into August, be sure to look for all of the information in the mail that will help inform you of all of the events leading up to the start of school Sept. 3. I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of the parents and community members for the support they give to our schools. The partnerships we form will allow not only students the success needed in our schools, but also in their post-secondary careers.

Superintendent Winter can be reached at [email protected] or by calling 320-396-3313 ext. 5199.