Letter writer sends message to driver who hit family dog

Dear Editor:

On July 3, at 8:15 a.m. on 313th Ave. NE in Cambridge, my puppy was hit by a vehicle. Our electric fence collar did not alert us that the battery was dead and our dog was able to leave the yard.

I heard the accident and ran out to the street to see what had happened. I had a gut feeling it had been one of our dogs. Quite a few yards down was a vehicle, and the lady was getting out and heading to the house she was closest to to see if it was their dog. I rushed over and saw my beautiful girl under the vehicle. She was very beat up, barely breathing and still under the back tire.

Theodora holds the family puppy, Luna, who is doing well after being hit by a car July 3.
Theodora holds the family puppy, Luna, who is doing well after being hit by a car July 3.

I assured the woman it was not her fault, and studied Luna to see if backing up or moving forward would be the best option. As soon as Luna was free, I picked her up and ran back home. We got her to the vet and she came home with us later that day. I am almost positive the woman thinks she probably killed her; she was in very rough shape.

I think I would be absolutely devastated to think I had killed a dog and I would love for this woman to know that Luna is home, healing and doing really well.  Sadly, I did not get a name. I don’t remember her or her car, so I have no way to find her or get in touch with her.

If you are this woman, or know her, please let her know that she did not kill Luna and that although it was a slightly rough healing process, she is doing very well and is back to her happy, hyper, beautiful self. I am hoping that by knowing Luna did not pass away this woman can find some peace of mind. Thank you so much. If you are her or know her, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Suzy Sullivan