Howard Lewis
Cambridge City Council member

The city of Cambridge needs your voice. During meetings this summer, the Cambridge City Council is determining how to spend the city’s resources for the next year. Deciding if we should or should not increase taxes depends on what the citizens of Cambridge demand. DSC_5239

Roads, police services, public works, administration, and parks all have needs. But, how should the City Council prioritize those needs? Individual citizens have voiced their interests in a YMCA, water park, indoor ice arena, more ball parks, and improvements to the library. Are there other concerns you have? Are you willing to have your taxes increased? How would you prioritize these needs as a citizen of Cambridge?

Local Government Aid (money from the state, LGA), has been significantly increased this year and will be available next year. Governor Dayton has said the increased LGA is to keep property taxes from increasing as much as they might have without the LGA. Fortunately, the financial position of the city is sound. Many citizens know about how Cambridge was in deep financial trouble in the early 1990s. Since then, we have recovered from that through prudent spending and strategic planning.

This is your opportunity to be heard. This is your opportunity to participate. Citizens can speak directly to the City Council at the City Council meeting at 6 p.m. on the third Monday of the month or contact your city council member with your opinions and ideas. Contact information can be found on the official city of Cambridge website,