Special event request approved for Wintergreens during Jubilee Days

Wintergreens Golf and Grill will once again host special events in conjunction with Isanti’s Rodeo and Jubilee Day activities.

During the Isanti City Council meeting June 18, the council approved a special event request for Wintergreens to hold an outdoor BBQ, with live music and beverages July 11 and July 12 from 8:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.

The event includes enclosing an area on the west side of the parking lot of the establishment where live music, consumption of beverages, food service and socializing will take place.

The event will be similar to the event held last year during Jubilee Days, and it’s estimated between 100 and 150 people will be in attendance.

Parking arrangements will be the same as last year with parking at Wintergreens, Minnco Credit Union, and on one side of Credit Union Drive NE.

A stage for the band, as well as several tents will be located on the property for the event.

Skateboard Event

The Isanti Police Department will be holding an event at the Isanti Skate Board Park on Mondays, from 3-5 p.m., until Sept. 2, called “Skate Don’t Hate.”

The department will be present at the Skate Park to create a safe and welcoming environment for all who wish to use the park.

Isanti Police Chief Ron Sager explained the department has two, abandoned snowboards with binding in storage. He said the snowboards have been in storage for more than two years.

He said after showing the snow boards to a professional, it was determined the snowboards do not have any retail value.

Following discussion, the council approved a resolution to allow the department to hold a free drawing for children for a chance to win one of the snowboards. Every time a child attends one of the “Skate Don’t Hate” events, they can put their name in a jar for a chance to win one of the snowboards. The drawing will take place at the end of the season with two winners.

Revolving Loan Fund for X Caliper Engineering, LLC

The council approved a resolution authorizing a loan from the city’s revolving loan fund for X Caliper Engineering, LLC.

The loan will be for $25,000 out of the revolving loan fund for a term of seven years at a three percent interest rate.

Economic Development Director Sean Sullivan explained the city has been working with the business since February 2012.

The funds will be used  for the purchase and improvements of units seven through 10 of Isanti Parkway Condominiums.

Total project costs are estimated at $344,950 and the project will create three new jobs with average wages of $15.33 per hour.

“This project will help a business buy property in the city and take care of some resurfacing issues with Isanti Parkway,” noted Isanti Mayor George Wimmer.