Isanti County Fair presents Oktoberfest in July

The 2013 Isanti County Fair will be the place to be this summer with “Oktoberfest in July” July 24-28.

Thanks to the ‘County Fair Arts Access and Cultural Heritage Grant Program,’ funding was received again this year to “to enhance arts access and education and to preserve and promote Minnesota’s history and cultural heritage as embodied in its county fairs.”

This year’s Isanti County Fair will celebrate the county’s German Heritage with traditional ethnic and cultural entertainment under a new shaded bandshell area.

On Thursday evening, the Elk River German Band, featuring their Bavarian Style of German music, will perform folk songs and polkas in the bandshell. Fair visitors will also have the opportunity to enjoy a traditional German Dinner served at the bandshell for those who want to try an authentic taste of the Old World.

On Saturday, the ‘Concord Singers’ from New Ulm, along with “Narren” and the Edelwiess Dancers of St. Paul, will perform authentic German selections and traditional dance.

You will not want to miss this opportunity to experience the Concord singers extensive repertoire of current and traditional German popular standards and “Volksweise.”

Traveling with the Concord Singers will be ‘Narren’ of New Ulm, which consists of a group of characters in traditional German wooden masks and colorful costumes. ‘Narren’ enjoys attending festivities where merrymaking and dancing take place, getting the crowd involved, leading snake dances and having fun.

Also on Saturday, the Edelwiess Dancers will appear and promote the history and cultures of Barvarian and Tyrolean people through their dances and traditional clothing.

Most of the dancers are of Austrian and/or German heritage and bring to life the folk dances that originated in Austria and Germany.

If you would like to experience true German culture, authentic costumes and music, along with fine German cuisine, make plans to come out to the 2013 Isanti county Fair.

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