Arguments require closer examination

Dear Editor:

In his June 12 letter, Mr. Gertz attempted to make the case that same-sex marriage is disadvantageous when compared to heterosexual marriage. His arguments, however, fall apart upon closer examination.

There are many different views of what the bible says regarding same-sex marriage, including Mr. Gertz’s interpretation. Regardless, the rule of law in our state and country is not based upon biblical interpretation or any particular religious faith. One’s religious view point is one’s own, and only one’s own. And if perpetuating the species were the guiding criteria by which we determine who can marry, a large number of marriages would be in violation of ‘nature.’

The study cited by Mr. Gertz which purports to show that children from same-sex house households were at a disadvantage when compared to heterosexual households has been widely criticized by the author’s peers, including a number of prominent family sociologists who are professors and colleagues of the author at the University of Texas-Austin, for its poor methodology and conclusions. Moreover, the scientific community at large feels the available evidence points to the conclusion children in stable, same-sex households are at no disadvantage to those in stable heterosexual households. Illustrating this is the recent endorsement of legalization of same-sex marriage by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Finally, the idea we may be tumbling down a ‘slippery slope’ is demonstrably false. As a society, we draw lines all the time as to what is or is not considered acceptable/legal behavior. Over time, the advance of knowledge has informed our views and we have changed those lines. This does not imply a plunge into anarchy or social chaos, but rather a measured evolution of our society.

Ken Vaselaar