Thoughts on same sex marriage

Dear Editor:

The raging debate over same sex marriage has made the subject difficult to understand for much of the nation as on one hand a State Constitutional Ban of gay marriage has been established in 31 states; while some states like Minnesota now recognize it as legitimate and equal to heterosexual marriage. The majority of Minnesota legislators (Democrats/a few Republicans) and the governor have ignored nature in favor of politics. Large sums of money was spent for the pro-gay marriage lobby and advertisements to persuade our state to pass the Same Sex Marriage Bill.

I attended the State capitol the day the senate voted on this bill. I observed that the pro-gay organizers sought to recruit ministers from the church who would support their cause. Since they took the liberty to invoke God into their cause, I will take the liberty to write that the God of the Bible has told us in His Word that homosexuality is an act against nature. He has created human kind male and female so as to be fruitful and to multiply. Even if one believes in evolution it is a biological fact that two people of the same sex cannot together naturally conceive and bear children. On this basis, to begin with, God and nature declares that same sex marriage is not equal to heterosexual marriage. The one cannot perpetuate the species while the other can.

State Senator Sean Nienow appraised the Same Sex Marriage Bill and properly informed us as to why this bill should have been opposed. Contrary to criticism of Sen. Nienow’s report that children raised in Same Sex Households (SSH) suffer disadvantages compared to Heterosexual Households (HH): recent studies reveal significant disadvantages to these children in educational, economic and social progress.

A University of Texas-Austin study (published by Social Science Research-2012) conducted a comprehensive study applying high standards for control and large sampling to a “statistically significant” conclusion. This study found children in same sex households categorically disadvantaged on many levels. Also, Louisiana State University [Marks] analyzed 59 studies of children in SSH. These studies concluded that children raised in SSH were not disadvantaged. LSU found these studies used too few samples among other substandard methods to attempt a legitimate statistical conclusion. It appears same sex parenting statistically is not equal in outcome as heterosexual parenting.

The pro-gay marriage lobby want to promote their cause as a civil rights issue. They would have America conclude that their sexual behavior is a basis for equivalent minority status to racial minorities. They claim that anyone who criticizes their cause to be bigoted. So then can persons engaging in polygamy cry foul to criticism of their behavior in order to find equal legal status with same sex marriage? Where do we draw the line? Is a persons behavior a legitimate basis for determining equal legal status? If so, our pro-gay marriage legislators and governor have opened a Pandoras Box becoming a source of greater moral confusion in our children and citizens in our state and our nation.

Bill Gertz