Is speeding really worth the risks?

Dear Editor:

The Department of Public Safety will be conducting a speed mobilization statewide including our area from June 17-23. What this means is that there will be extra enforcement to ensure a safe roadway including from speeders. Tickets for 10 miles over the limit will typically amount to at least $120.

But the question remains: Is speeding worth the risks? Why risk your life and those of your passengers for the sake of getting somewhere a few minutes quicker? Look at the facts.

First, speeding is the leading contributing factor in fatal crashes. Consequences of excessive speed include greater potential for loss of vehicle control, increased stopping time and distance, and increased crash severity leading to more serious injuries. Over the three year period, 2009-2011, 63 percent of the speed-related fatal crashes occurred in rural areas. This includes our area. Why take the risk?

It’s time to pay attention when we drive, obey the speed limit, and always drive sober.

Bob Bollenbeck
Isanti Toward Zero Deaths (TZD)|
Program Coordinator