Braham man charged with criminal sexual conduct

A Braham man is facing two counts of criminal sexual conduct after an alleged incident in one of the Braham city parks.

Brandon Frank Arispe, 18, was charged before Judge James Dehn in Isanti County District Court June 7 with two counts of felony third-degree criminal sexual conduct where the victim is between the ages of 13-15.

Judge Dehn set bail for Arispe at $30,000 without conditions or $15,000 with conditions and his next court appearance is scheduled for June 12.

According to the criminal complaint:

Braham Police Officer Erik Anderson was dispatched to Cambridge Medical Center May 21 for a report of a sexual assault.

Anderson met with the victim to get her account of the alleged incident. The victim said she met Arispe May 18 at Hidden Park in the city of Braham. She said they went into the woods behind the park and started kissing. She said Arispe then laid her on her back, took off her pants and started fondling her. She said he then took his pants off, held her by her hips and pushed her on top of him. She said she couldn’t move her arms at this point. She said they had sexual intercourse. She said she repeatedly told Arispe to stop. She said after the incident, he told her to not say anything.

The victim said the day after the incident, she noticed a lot of bruising around her legs and thighs and took pictures of the bruises that she gave to the officer.

On May 28, Anderson met with Arispe and took a taped statement. Arispe admitted to being with the victim in the park. He stated they were on the slide kissing and he started to fondle her above her clothing. He said they then went walking into the woods, and the victim said she was tired so they laid down in the grass. He said she helped him take her clothes off, and they had sexual intercourse.

He said the victim at one point did tell him to stop because the fondling prior to intercourse was hurting her. He said he then stopped at that point, but they later had intercourse. He said he never forced the victim to do anything.