Taxpayers all pay more for wasteful government spending

Senator Sean Nienow
District 32

On Monday, May 20, the Minnesota Legislature adjourned and completed its work on the state’s budget for fiscal years 2014 and 2015. Sean Nienow

The budget plan, passed largely with Democrat support, includes $2.1 billion in a variety of new taxes and closes a $627 million budget deficit, for total state spending of $38.3 billion, the largest budget in state history. This is an 8.1 percent increase over current state spending.

State Senator Sean Nienow (R-Cambridge), voted in opposition to the tax plan that increases an array of sales, income, and business taxes.

“If you remember one thing about this legislative session, it’s that every hard working taxpayer will pay more in higher taxes for increased wasteful and inefficient government spending under the Democrats’ plan. Minnesotans deserve a budget that protects hardworking taxpayers, not abuses them,” Nienow said.

New items that will be taxed in the final plan pushed by Governor Dayton and Democrat leaders include new sales taxes on internet purchases, digital downloads like iTunes and eBooks, car rentals (nearly 50 percent tax increase), storage facilities and equipment repair for businesses, and telecom equipment. Additionally, cigarettes will see a $1.60 per pack sales tax increase.

Adding insult to injury, more of the people’s hard earned money will be spent in fees on state services such as driver’s license transaction fees, vehicle title fees and other fees thereby adding millions more to an already heavy tax burden on Minnesotans.

“Why did the Democrat Majority raise $2.1 billion in new taxes to remedy a $627 million deficit?” Nienow said. “We can — and should be — doing a better job for taxpayers to make sure state government is more efficient and effective. We don’t need to spend more, we need to spend smarter.”

Senator Nienow worked hard for taxpayers, urging the Democrat majority to show constraint as they proposed increased gas taxes, clothing taxes and alcohol/beer taxes. He helped stop the assault on the people’s Second Amendment rights. He fought for school districts by authoring legislation to bring equity to education funding.

Nienow authored and the legislature passed the Arson Wildfire Bill increasing penalties for arson fires like the fire of 2009 near Carlos Avery that burned 2600 acres and required 31 fired departments’ assistance yet resulted in only probation for the one convicted.

Many residents of District 32 are aware of the successful work Nienow did to bring about greater accountability and transparency to the way Medicaid is funded in Minnesota. Recent audits confirmed Nienow’s concerns and oversight has improved because of his efforts. Those efforts helped bring about an investigation by the Federal Office of Inspector General which is ongoing.

“Thank you to all the constituents who wrote, called, emailed, and visited me during the session. Your views are very important, and I’m honored to serve as your state Senator,” Nienow said.