Arrests made in 13 local residential burglaries

Prepared by Timothy Dwyer
Cambridge Police Chief

The Cambridge Police Department and the Isanti County Sheriff’s Office has announced the arrest of individuals responsible for 13 residential burglaries in the area within the last month.

According to Cambridge Police Chief Timothy Dwyer, on the morning of May 26, an Isanti County deputy, who was following up on a burglary just outside of the Cambridge city limits, located a stolen vehicle at the park and ride and tracked the suspect’s travels to a nearby address.

Upon investigation, he found a juvenile male hiding in the woods. The Cambridge Police Department was contacted and officers from both agencies conducted a massive investigation. This resulted in the arrest of four juvenile males for first degree burglary.

Another suspect or two are still at large and the continued investigation is bringing forward additional information and links to other burglaries. This is an on-going investigation and public details are limited.

What we can report is that all the burglaries occurred in the evening or at night and were crimes of opportunity, with residents leaving their garage doors open and home entry doors unlocked.

The most concerning to the police was the fact that these crimes occurred when the residents were home, which makes it first degree burglary, the most serious of burglary crimes. No one was injured and no confrontations occurred, but the potential was there. In three of the cases, vehicles were taken from the driveways or garages. All vehicles and a large amount of the stolen property has been recovered by Cambridge Police and will be returned to the rightful owners.

Chief Dwyer would like to thank the detectives and officers who spent countless hours working on these cases. Due to their hard work, they were able to bring resolution to some of these cases.

The Cambridge Police Department would like to remind residents that crimes like this can and do occur, even in our small communities. Chief Dwyer asks that residents remember to make it a habit to shut their garage doors at night and lock their home service doors. It is also important to lock your vehicles and make sure valuables are not in plain site, preferably not in the vehicle at all.

Isanti County law enforcement also wants residents to not be afraid to call 911 and report any suspicious activity. In one of the burglary cases, juveniles carrying bags of items were seen out at night after curfew and this was not reported until the next morning. These may well have been our suspects.

“Help Us Help You” is a motto of the Cambridge Police Department; Together we can make a difference. Take steps to protect yourself and your property and report suspicious activity when you see it.