Thanks for supporting Braham’s track and field day

Dear Editor:

On Wednesday, May 15, Braham Elementary grades 1-4 participated in their annual track and field day. The students took part in many different events that involved running, jumping, throwing and pulling. Some were relay events and others were individual.

To make this day possible for the students, it takes a lot of  hard work and cooperation by the teachers and volunteers. I would like to thank the Braham Parent’s Organization for donating the snack and organizing the break. I would also like to thank all of the Elementary Staff for their cooperation and hard work. Also thanks to all the families who came to cheer and support the students in their efforts.

Lastly a big thank you to the Braham High School students from the track, softball, baseball and golf teams for  taking the time to come  and  work with the elementary students on their big day. Everyone’s help was greatly appreciated.

Sue Pearson, Braham Elementary
Physical Education Instructor