Student Letters to Editor

Editor’s Note: The following four letters were submitted by 9th-graders in Shane Weibel’s citizenship class at Cambridge-Isanti High School.

We need the Isanti Community Center

Dear Editor:

If we get rid of the Isanti Community Center, we would be getting rid of one of the best, and not to mention, one of the most inexpensive places to hold celebrations and community events. I’ve grown up with the center. It has been a big part of my life from birthday parties, to fire department events, and scouting events. While writing this, I have been thinking about all the things that would change if the community center should not be there anymore. I have even helped improve the appearance of the building by assisting in one of my fellow Scouts’ Eagle Scouts project. The Isanti Community Center is a part if our past, present and hopefully our future.

Jeremy Melland

We need to lower the working age

Dear Editor:

When you were in high school did you have a job? Well I am in high school and a lot of freshmen and sophomores do not have jobs simply because you have to be 16 to get a job. By lowering the working age, it will get kids away from asking their parents for money.

Some people might think that lowering the age is not a good thing because how will the kids get to work. But I think that they could ride their bike to work, or get a ride from someone else. That way the kid can get money to make a down payment on a car, or if they have a car they can pay for gas. This shows why I think we need to lower the working age.

David Knutson

We need to raise the minimum wage

Dear Editor:

Would you want to be living on minimum wage? My guess is that you would not want be living on minimum wage, but some families are having to, because it is their only way to get money. I feel bad for the people who work their entire lives and only get a portion of what they want and need. What I want to do is help people in need because it is hard to live on minimum wage.

My opinion is that the government should raise minimum wage so that people can live healthier lives and get a break every once in a while. Because minimum wage is so low that people are having a much harder time through this time of crisis in our economy. I hope that people should make a movement and stop deliberating the U.S.

Tim Englund

Stop using your cell phone while driving

Dear Editor:

The top cause for car accidents are distracted drivers. The thing that distracts drivers the most is their cell phones. Being distracted while driving is not only dangerous for you, but also for anyone else in a vehicle traveling near you. Some people may think that they can be careful and cautious while using their phone and driving, but you should always have your full attention focused on the road. If you have an important call to answer or text to reply to, just pull over and then answer it. Stopping for a minute instead of crashing is definitely worth it. Thanks for reading. I hope this has persuaded you to try and not use your phone while driving.

Brianna Beise