Re-learning of an old lesson

Dear Editor:

I’m writing to thank you again for printing my letter seeking information about my 1950s Braham High School teacher, Hildegarde Mortensen. It worked. The news was sad.

One of your readers e-mailed me to say Miss Mortensen had passed away in 1997. As I said when I thanked that dear lady, this was a huge re-learning of an old lesson: if I love or like someone, or want to thank them, or anything else, tell them now, because tomorrow may be too late.

The woman who responded is a former student of Miss M., and a former classmate of mine. I do see an “up” side to this, because now I’m in touch with her, your reader, Shirley. She even offered to send me a copy of Ms. Mortensen-Strom’s obituary. Again, thank you.

Bob Cain
Las Vegas