It’s time to say thank you

Dear Editor:

When there is a fire and you are running out of the fire, they are running into it to make sure all the other people and even our pets get out safe.

When there’s a shooting they run to it, when everyone else is running away. When the snow is falling and you are still warm in your beds, they are out there already working to keep the roads open and ready for you to jump out of bed at the last minute and make it to work just in time like any other day.

When our children go off to school each day, who spent hours the night before on their own time preparing for the day’s classes? And think of all those in foreign lands fighting to keep us a free country to do as we wish.

All of these are government employees. It’s why we pay taxes. Not to support our government; it’s to support the people that take care of us and keep us safe. Sometimes at the cost of their lives. We owe them more than just our support. We owe them a great big thank you.

Glenn Farrell