People kill people, guns don’t

Dear Editor:  I am not a gun aficionado enthusiast; however, I do own some guns that my four children and I use for hunting, and yes, even for self-defense.

It should be obvious, but isn’t to many, that people kill people, guns don’t. A gun has never killed anyone without a person pulling the trigger. Regulation is at an all-time high, but so are shootings. Criminals do not follow laws. Many laws were broken during each and every recent tragic shooting. Criminals will not adhere to new regulations either; therefore, the only citizens who will be affected by more regulations are law abiding Americans. Places like Chicago and Washington have some of the strictest gun laws and also have some of the highest rates of gun violence. The only way to put a dent in gun violence is to destroy all guns. While this would indeed be effective, it would also be impossible. There are roughly 300 million firearms owned by civilians in the United States as of 2010 (30-35 percent of adults own guns).

Banning guns for the way they look, which current legislation suggests, only hurts law-abiding citizens. Under legislation now being considered, my .22 caliber squirrel rifle my dad bought me when I was 12-years-old is considered an assault weapon because it holds more than 10 rounds. I would be required to register it and would not be allowed to pass it down to my children unless I allow the government to render it inoperable — a 35-year-old wooden squirrel rifle — preposterous.

We all feel terrible for anyone who has been affected by gun violence and we all want to end the violence, but the problem is not the tool used to murder nearly as much as the problem is the murderers who commit these crimes and how our society administers consequences. Let’s look at why people are lashing out in violent ways and why depression and anxiety and suicide are at all-time highs.  These are people problems, cultural problems, not inanimate object problems. Something is definitely wrong in this country, but trashing the constitution that made this country the greatest country on this planet and stripping responsible free Americans of constitutional rights will not affect gun violence. Once the left realizes their “reasonable” measures are not effective, they will introduce more regulations.

The slippery slope will not end until we have thoroughly dismantled the second amendment, and with it our outdoors heritage. In the end, only law abiding citizens’ rights will be restricted and evil men will still commit evil deeds, sometimes using guns. It’s high time we stop abolishing God (remember the One whom our founding fathers said “in whom we trust”?) from American culture and start getting tough on crime.

Our country is getting more and more violent, as the recent bombing in Boston indicates, but the tools used for violence are not the problem. Blaming inanimate objects is like blaming McDonalds that people are fat…oh wait, we’re doing that too.

RJ Sauvageau, Isanti