More die in auto-related deaths than gun-related deaths

Dear Editor:

If we passed laws banning the use of everything that is used by someone to kill other people in this country as they are trying to with guns, then we would have to ban cars for one.

People are dying in car accidents or being run down by cars every day. We hear no protest to ban the automobile. More people die each year in auto-related deaths than gun-related deaths. You hear no protests to ban the automobile. I ask you why? With the kind of thinking used about guns, they would have to ban just about everything.

Look at what happened in Newtown. The guns were purchased legally, and had proper gun permits, and proper police waiting periods. The flaw was no one expected for a person’s child to kill them, get dressed and load his mother’s car with her guns, drive the car to a school she had worked at, and walk in and start shooting everyone in sight. How far could he have gotten with no clothes and no car to drive to the school? I don’t think he would have gotten far walking down the street with no clothes on and only four guns and boxes of ammo to cover his body.

That means then we should not only make guns illegal, but also the clothes he wore and cars and also gasoline. For without all of these things, he would not have been able to carry off the terrible crime. All these things contributed to his ability to murder innocent people. Why then only go after the gun owners? Why not all the contributing parts in the deaths? If we are going to ban one thing I say we should ban them all the same; for without one, the other could not have happened.

Glenn Farrell