God has not changed the definition of marriage

Dear Editor:

Those words freedom, equality, love, and commitment have been used so often. Those words sound so “Christian.”

The dominoes-organizations, congressmen, individuals seem to be falling in favor of the redefinition of marriage. That word, marriage, should lead us to evolve back to the truth taught in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

God’s pattern of channeling out sexual energies into the union of a man and a woman is the pattern established for the Jews and then us believers in Jesus Christ. We humans do the opposite in a variety of ways, yet God has not changed the definition of marriage.

Believers in Jesus Christ need to steadfast for God’s truth and desires. We need to keep speaking that truth in love and humility. We know his ways are best but not always easy and we are not always the best examples of what God wants.

For many, God’s truth has caused real freedom, real love, real commitment and real equality.

Dennis Rude