Full tobacco shop opens in Cambridge

From e-cigarette users looking to control their smoking habits to those in search of premium cigars or roll-your-own, there’s a new tobacco shop in town with options more commonly found in the metro area.

Cambridge Tobacco, 1870 Second Ave. SE, opened for business late February in the Village Mall building that also houses Papa Murphy’s, Star Nails and other establishments just west of Walmart. Managing the store is Andrew Franke, who is enjoying a good reception from the community.

Cambridge Tobacco store owner Andrew Franke welcomes customers to the store. Photos by Jon Tatting
Cambridge Tobacco store owner Andrew Franke welcomes customers to the store. Photos by Jon Tatting

Customers are excited, appreciative that they don’t have to drive to the Twin Cities as much to find their particular tobacco brand and products, he said. The Cambridge location marks the newest business in a chain that includes Plymouth Tobacco and Blaine Tobacco.

It was by no mistake that Cambridge Tobacco opened with plenty of options at competitive prices for tobacco enthusiasts. The inventory includes regular and electronic cigarettes, traditional and hookah pipes, packages of many tobacco varieties, roll-your-own machines, low- to high-end lighters including Zippo, incense and shelves of accessories and supplies.

“We’re your full, complete tobacco shop,” Franke said.

The sweet, cabin-like aroma found in the walk-in humidor lures customers to a selection of premium cigars. On the main floor, there’s a number of personal, home humidors in their familiar wooden box frames.

The store promotes roll-your-own cigarettes and machines, such as the Top-O-Matic, which give smokers a “cleaner, more natural, less-expensive smoking experience,” Franke noted. main floor

A separate room is dedicated to hookah, a Middle Eastern pipe that has become popular among especially younger adults in the United States. The hookah pipe is a single or multi-stemmed device used for smoking flavored tobacco called shisha, while the smoke is passed through a water basin (commonly made of glass) before inhalation.

“It’s a clean, smooth hit of tobacco with many flavors,” Franke said of hookah’s appeal. “It’s smoking tobacco in a social way, and it’s very popular.”

Franke said a lot of customers are investing in electronic liquid vaporizers, or e-cigarettes, which are electronic inhalers that vaporize a liquid solution into an aerosol mist, thus simulating the act of tobacco smoking. People are using them to control and even quit their traditional smoking habits; e-cigarettes are viewed as friendly to the environment, too, since no cigarette butts are left behind.

“They’re selling like hot cakes,” Franke said of e-cigarette kits and supplies. “There’s not really an outlet around here for it. A lot of people are running to the Cities for the juice or a replacement part, and we’re happy to help out.” storefront

Cambridge Tobacco is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday. The store can be reached at 763-689-9100.