Braham approves all-day, every-day kindergarten

The Braham Area High School Community Room was filled to capacity on April 15.

An emotional group of students and parents came to the Braham School Board meeting with a petition trying to save the Alternative Learning Program (ALP) and the Director/Lead Teacher Carmen Vanderport’s position from being discontinued.

Approximately 20 students graduate from the ALP each year. Eleven people spoke highly of the ALP during the open forum.

Since the school board does not act on open forum comments, Braham School Board Chair Steve Eklund recommended people meet directly with Superintendent Gregory Winter to get their questions about ALP funding answered.

During this meeting, the school board also:

• Accepted the FY 2013-14 preliminary budget.

• Approved all-day, every-day kindergarten.

• Appointed Braham Area Elementary School Principal Jeff Eklund to be the LEA Representative for Federal Programs.

• The next regular school board meeting will be held in the Community Room at Braham Area High School at 7 p.m. on May 20.