County Road 5 to be renamed Heritage Boulevard in Isanti

County Road 5 within the corporate boundaries of the city of Isanti will now be called Heritage Boulevard.

During the Isanti City Council meeting Tuesday, March 19, Mayor George Wimmer informed the council that the city received approximately six names for renaming the road as part of a naming contest through the Isanti Area Chamber of Commerce.

After all the names were reviewed, the top three choices were passed onto the council for discussion that included Izaty Road, Commerce Parkway and Heritage Boulevard.

Following discussion, the council approved a motion to rename County Road 5 to Heritage Boulevard within the corporate boundaries of the city of Isanti.

In February, the council approved a motion to move forward with the process of re-naming County Road 5 due to duplicate addressing issues along County Road 5 that had been brought to the city’s attention by the Metropolitan Emergency Services Board and the Isanti County Sheriff’s Department this past fall.

During discussions on renaming the road, Wimmer said the name should reflect the city.

“We want something that is inclusive to who we are now and who we want to be in the future,” Wimmer said. “This name might make someone take a look at our community who may not otherwise do so. We want a name to fit this framework.”

Wimmer feels parkway and boulevard are names that signify a larger area.

“With parkway and boulevard you just feel something that is bigger and larger,” Wimmer said. “A name may not do a whole lot for you, but we wanted a name that also recognizes the importance of the business community. We want the name to entice people to come into our community and take a look.”

Planning and Parks Director Lisa Wilson noted in her staff memo that the change will be made on the official city map, and notifications will be sent to any agency or entity that needs to be made aware of the addressing changes such as law enforcement, emergency responders, utility companies, school districts, county offices and the post office. Wilson also noted residents impacted by the addressing change should update their information as soon as possible.