CMC honored with Virginia Piper Cancer Institute recognition

Allina Health recently announced that the cancer program at Cambridge Medical Center has received Virginia Piper Cancer Institute designation and has a new name: Virginia Piper Cancer Institute® – Cambridge.

“We want patients to realize that they have a dedicated team of cancer care experts right here in their community who are providing the same standard of care they would get if they traveled 30 miles away to a metro site,” said Sanda Morar, MD, of Minnesota Oncology.

Cambridge Medical Center and Minnesota Oncology partner to provide cancer care. Cambridge Medical Center and Virginia Piper Cancer Institute are both part of Allina Health.

To achieve designation as a Virginia Piper Cancer Institute, sites must employ a consistent set of standards.

These include multidisciplinary care conferences to discuss patient cases, cancer care coordination, on-site or access to genetic counseling services, and adherence to National Comprehensive Cancer Network evidence-based cancer care guidelines. Sites must also have, or be working toward, the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer® accreditation.

About Virginia Piper Cancer Institute

The Virginia Piper Cancer Institute provides comprehensive care through all aspects of cancer prevention, early detection and treatment to help individuals maintain quality of life and find ways to live with and beyond cancer. The Institute was founded in 1990 at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Clinical experts and experienced caregivers provide oncology care and services across the Allina Health system, and offer expert support to various affiliate locations.

About Cambridge Medical Center

Cambridge Medical Center is a combined clinic and hospital providing comprehensive care to the 30,000 residents of Isanti County and the surrounding areas. The campus includes a large multi-specialty clinic, an 86-bed hospital, Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Services, retail pharmacy, an eye clinic and optical shop, and a same day clinic. There are 75+ providers on staff and 25+ consulting physicians providing specialty care.