Quit throwing rocks and casting blame

Dear Editor:

I am writing a response to the guest commentary by Representative Brian Johnson that was published in the Feb. 6 edition.

Mr. Johnson: You were voted in to do more than just write about the Governor’s proposed budget plan; you were voted in to do something. But so far I have only heard from your party’s minority leader and representative for part of Isanti County, Mr. Daudt, say that the GOP will not produce a budget plan. So like the Governor said last night in his state of the state address,  bring your work boots and hard hats down to St. Paul and if you’re interested in nothing more than throwing rocks and casting blame, send the rest of us a letter or postcard. Looks like Mr. Johnson and Mr. Daudt, Isanti County representatives, have done just that, “mailed it in.”

Derek McPheeters
Bradford Township