Isanti County TZD reminds public about dangers of drunk driving

As a result of recent discussions concerning a fatal crash last fall, the Isanti Toward Zero Deaths (TZD) Program would like to remind the public about the dangers of impaired driving.

While efforts to educate the public and more enforcement regarding impaired driving have helped to reduce these preventable tragedies, drunk and drugged driving continues to be an issue, accounting for more than 100 deaths annually in our state.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to fight against impaired driving. Driving is a privilege and the dangers of driving impaired are well known, so everyone needs to do their part. Don’t put yourself into a situation where you may be arrested, or worse, get into a serious crash due to impaired driving.


Help fight drunk driving:

• Plan ahead for a sober ride alternative. In Isanti County, Safe Cab will provide a ride home from local establishments.

• Report impaired/erratic driving to police by calling 911. Be ready to provide some details such as location of incident, description of vehicle, license plate, and such.

One of seven licensed drivers in Minnesota has a DWI on their record. A DWI can cost $10,000 – $15,000, and that’s without a crash. In 2011 there were 136 alcohol related traffic deaths in Minnesota—representing 37 percent of all deaths. The economic costs associated with these preventable impaired driving related deaths are estimated at $191,760,000.

The mission of the Isanti County TZD Program is to reduce the number of serious and fatal crashes locally.

For more information, contact Bob Bollenbeck, Isanti County TZD Coordinator, at 320-679-4065 ext 24.

Remember to always buckle up and pay attention when driving.