Grocery delivery service for seniors up and running in Isanti County

A service that delivers groceries to home bound seniors is up and running in Isanti County.

During the Cambridge City Council meeting Monday, Feb. 4, Isanti County Commissioner Susan Morris gave a presentation on Store to Door.

Store to Door, based in Roseville, is a non-profit grocery shopping and delivery service that shops for and delivers groceries to over 1,500 home bound elderly adults each year.

Morris explained the service will begin delivering groceries to Isanti County seniors on Tuesday, Feb. 19. Store to Door partners with Cub Foods to provide the service so all the food will be purchased at Cambridge Cub Foods.

Morris explained every other week a volunteer order taker calls the senior to get their shopping list, and then a volunteers shopper shops for the good. A Store to Door delivery driver then delivers the food and helps put the food away, loosens tight caps, or whatever else may be necessary .

“The mission of Store to Door is really to help seniors live independently and keep in their homes as long as possible,” Morris said. “This is really a great investment for us and for our seniors so they can live happy and healthier at home.”

Morris said seniors over 62 can utilize the program, and don’t necessarily need to be home bound to utilize the service. She said seniors who feel they can no longer get to the grocery store, push a cart around a large store or lift their own groceries can benefit from the program.

Deliveries can be made to seniors who live in their own single family homes, apartments, condos, and in assisted living facilities.

Seniors can register for the program by calling 651-642-1892. All clients pay for their groceries via checks, credit/debit cards or EBT. Seniors can take advantage of weekly specials offered by Cub Foods when ordering and can also redeem manufacturer coupons which will be discounted by the delivery driver when making the delivery. Prescription delivery from Cub Pharmacy is also available.

The delivery contribution is determined when registering that is based on reported household size and income. The federal poverty guideline is used to determine delivery contribution of $3, 12 or $15. Morris added seniors aren’t allowed to tip the drivers.

Morris said bringing this service to Isanti County has been a passion of hers since being elected commissioner.

“After being elected commissioner, I was made aware that this service is really needed in our communities,” Morris said. “We have been working on bringing Store to Door to our county for some time, and I’m happy we are ready to roll.”

Morris said volunteer food order takers, as well as shoppers, are needed in the community. She said food order takers don’t need to live in the area, as they just need access to a computer to complete the online ordering process.

Morris explained funding for the subsidized delivery fees are provided in part by the Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging, the state of Minnesota and county waiver programs. Additional support is also provided by corporations and foundations, as well as hundreds of individuals.

“Our Cambridge Cub Foods Store is very excited about this program happening in our communities,” Morris said. “They also have had a lot of requests for this service in the past and also feel there is a need for this.”

Cambridge Mayor Marlys Palmer thanked Morris for her efforts.

“I’m really happy we have a Cub Foods store in town so this program works for us,” Mayor Palmer said. “Also, thank you Susan [Morris] for all the work you’ve done on this. This is an awesome service and it’s great for our seniors. We will do what we can to help you.”

Council members Lisa Iverson and Howard “Howie” Lewis also noted the Store to Door service will be wonderful for the seniors in the community and also thanked Morris for her efforts.

For more information on Store to Door call 651-642-1892 or visit

Water Works Manufacturing Business Subsidy Agreement

Economic Development Director Stan Gustafson said staff is recommending the city council approve the Second Amendment to the Business Subsidy Agreement assignment of JOBZ benefits from Water Works Manufacturing, LLC to Water Works Manufacturing, Inc as presented, and authorize the mayor and city administrator to execute the agreements.

Following discussion, the council approved the request.

Gustafson explained President Jim Shear is requesting an assignment of the Water Works Manufacturing, LLC (WWM) JOBZ Business Subsidy Agreement that is in effect, to Water Works Manufacturing, Inc. (WWM, Inc.).

The purpose of the assignment is a continuation of the responsibilities and benefits of the program for keeping employment in the city of Cambridge.

Shear explained WWM has been growing at a very fast rate since 2010, and has continually been reinvesting in the business with new equipment, technology, and training for our employees. He explained this transaction is to enable them to access the capital required to continue this growth well into the future.

Shear said WWM is a subsidiary of Nelson Global Products, Inc. WWM, Inc. is committed to continuing the agreement and will accept the responsibilities and liabilities as outlined in the original agreement dated April 30, 2007, as amended June 26, 2012. He said they are planning on closing the transaction on Feb. 28, and would like to have the assignment one week prior to the closing.

Gustafson said all four owners of WWM will remain in their respective positions, and WWM  is looking forward to the continued success of the operations here in Cambridge for many years to come.

Shear said a lot of hard work has been done since the company came before the city council six years ago.

“Everyone put in a lot of hard work to keep the company open and save jobs,” Shear said. “We are now finishing a 32,000 square foot addition and have invested millions in new equipment. We stared out with 60 employees and now have well over 200 employees. Cambridge is a great place to have a business.”

Mayor Palmer praised the company for its dedication to the Cambridge community.

“This is such a huge success story for the company and city of Cambridge,” Mayor Palmer said. “There truly was a lot of hard work put in by city staff as well as yourself. The main purpose six years ago was to save the 120 jobs or so that would have gone away.”

Water Works Manufacturing, located at 500 South Cleveland St., is an engineering design and production company focused on the rapid design, development, prototyping and production of formed metal parts.

Using state-of-art hydroforming processes, Water Works assists companies with design, development and production of engineered metal parts quickly and cost effectively. The company utilizes CAD design software, in conjunction with 3D simulation and FEA software, to design and simulate the metal forming processes, perform structural analytical stress assessments of parts or subassemblies, and to check and optimize metal forming processes to determine their feasibility before expensive tools are manufactured.