Braham learns grant funds available to residents for home improvements

The city of Braham and Grasston are seeking grant funds for homeowners and business owners interested in improving their property from the Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development’s (DEED’s) Small Cities Development Program (SCDP) which is funded by the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).

To receive funding, the city must show that there are property owners interested in participating in the program.

At the public hearing, which was held Feb. 5 at Braham City Hall, Dana Rauschnot encouraged property owners who need repairs to fill out and return the “Intent to Participate” form by Feb. 22.

Property owners who fill out the form are not required to participate. However, they will be contacted by Lakes & Pines CAC, Inc. if the program is funded.

Windows, siding, roofing, heating, and safety issues are some of the improvements that may be made to eligible properties. For more information, visit or call 320-679-1800 or 1-800-832-6082.


At the regular city council meeting 

following the public hearing, the council:

• Approved the SCDP Rehab Grant Application Cooperative Agreement.

• Approved Res. 13-1 Approving the SCDP Rehab Grant Application.

• Approved the Braham Area Chamber of Commerce Gambling Permit Application for a raffle.

• Approved the appointment of the 2013 Fire Department officers.

• Decided to receive the revenue and expenditure report summary monthly and the detailed report quarterly.

• Discussed alternative ways to make water/sewer payments.

• Noted the annual audit will be presented March 5 before the regular meeting at 6:30 p.m. Braham City Hall is located at 201 Broadway Ave. South, Braham.