Say ‘no’ to proposed sales tax increase

Dear Editor:

Last week Governor Dayton proposed raising taxes by $3.7 billion (the largest tax increase proposed by a Minnesota governor).

This tax increase will affect every Minnesotan; the poor and the middle class will especially feel its effect. Under this plan, clothing priced over $100 will be taxed 5.5 percent. If you buy a bottle of ibuprofen, get a haircut, have someone prepare your taxes, you will pay an additional 5.5 percent due to the new sales tax. If you pay someone to work on your car, you will pay more, because those services will also be taxed. If you hire an attorney, you will pay more due to taxation of those services.  Products bought on the internet will be taxed.  Membership to a health club will be taxed.

Even though the governor claims Minnesotans will save by lowering the current sales tax to 5.5 percent, the overall cost to each Minnesotan will be more because of the drastically huge increase of the number of products being taxed, which also includes taxation of services.

Please don’t be fooled. This tax increase will especially hurt the unemployed, the low wage earner and the poor. I urge you to call your representative and your senator and ask them to say “No” to this sales tax increase.

Nancy Sylvester
Former Isanti County Resident