Few questions regarding gun control

Dear Editor:

I appreciate Sheriff Monson’s support for the Constitution and for the Second Amendment as stated in his January 23, 2013 commentary.

There are many politicians who would also give support for the same and yet seek to place added restrictions on gun ownership. Sheriff Cole’s press release of Jan. 15 is more specific:

“… I believe current state law is sufficient to protect the public safety while providing individuals the right to keep and bear arms.

If the State of Minnesota desires to change current law, then it must do so through the legitimate process of legislation. In my opinion it is a moral sin to erode freedom through obscure regulation and administrative rules. I believe this is also true for both State and Federal Government.”

I would like Sheriff Monson to answer a couple of straight-forward questions: Would you refuse to enforce a Federal mandate, or law, that prohibited the sale or possession of an AR-15?  Or, one that would place restrictions on the number of rounds a magazine or clip is able to receive?

David Jaeger