A new twist on smoking cessation

Dear Editor:

Have you ever thought you would like to quit smoking? Has it crossed your mind “if I can’t quit for myself, maybe I can quit for the people who love me?” such as grandchildren, children, spouses, brothers, sisters, parents, and many others who would like to see you live longer. The people who love you are a big influence on your life. As well as you to them.

My wife died from the very effects of smoking. She was my best friend, and I miss her. I think back to the many friends who died long before their time from the effects of smoking.

Think about it and put the money you would save in a piggybank and take a trip or buy something that you want. Enjoy your decision. Have a good day, a better tomorrow and a fantastic future. And may the worst day of your future, be better than the best days of your past.

Just a bit of wisdom from an 84 year-old retiree.

Richard C. Baxter