Lowering our taxes

Dear Editor:

Why is it that when our politicians are only part time employees working for us, they are paying themselves more than most of our full time employees are making.

Most, if not all, have full-time jobs or businesses other than what they do for the government, or are retired. Being in political office was never intended as a position to fully support people’s livelihood. It was to be a voluntary position for one or two terms and then step aside and let someone else take over. It was never intended as a lifetime job with benefits.

As taxpayers we could cut billions out of the cost of government if they changed these entitlement programs for political gains. We may even get better people running our government if we got rid of the good old boy system we have now.

It should be up to the voters if and when the politicians get a pay raise; not themselves. It should be on the voting ballot; not their decision if and when they get a raise in pay and benefits. The way it is now is like letting the employees devise when they get a raise and how much. It just would not work. Why do we let the politicians decide their wages?

Glen Farrell