When logic and proportion have fallen

Dear Editor:

Congressman Mickey Edwards’ plan to end “gridlock” is so shortsighted.

The ECM board editorial says, “The first thing Edwards would do is create an open or non-partisan blanket primary.”

Oh goody, the sides are going to start playing fair. If Edwards’ plan gets in the first thing that’ll happen is the incumbent side will stuff this marvelous non-partisan primary with ringers, knowing their incumbent will be one of the two finalists for the general. The other candidate will likely be one of the incumbent side’s closet partisans they threw into the ring to dilute the vote. And then the second place guy, one of the ringers, will go on to lose to the incumbent in the general election.

What you have just read is the instruction manual on how to steal an election. Voters of the persuasion not in power won’t get to choose their candidate, the incumbent side will. What a crock. It’s a power perpetuation program. Way better to have the Republicans choose their candidate and the Democrats, theirs.

The main reason the Left is out screaming in the streets against gridlock is so the way will become wide open for them to race to the “printing presses” at the Federal Reserve and hit the go button, allowing them to buy more votes and increase their power and time in office. You put conservatives in charge of the government and the anti-gridlock flow-through the Left now says they want will quickly become the La Brea Tar Pits of left-wing log jams. It’s a subterfuge invented by liberals, the “progressives.”

Gridlock could have saved 55,000 body bags and 250,000 during Vietnam. The Tonkin Gulf Resolution was ramrodded through the US Senate by a president in cahoots with the military and the CIA to throw us into a war there. They used false information to stampede the Senate herd. The caution and common sense that are “gridlock” weren’t to be found when your country desperately needed them.

Rod Bergengren