Some statistics that were missed

Dear Editor:

Regarding Mr. Hansmann’s letter on Jan. 2, stating that Republican states, primarily in the deep south, have the highest divorce rates, highest crime rates, highest drug and alcohol addiction, etc., I would like to add a few things.

First off, these states were primarily Democrat for 100+ years (Remember the Civil War Era?), having just turned Republican in the last generation or so. If you use the Democrat line of thinking, you could just say it’s the fault of previous administrations.

While researching this, I ran across some statistics Mr. Hansmann must have missed:

Highest Homicide Rate: Washington D.C. – solidly Democrat turf.

Highest Rate of Alcoholics: Nevada, Florida and Colorado – all Democrat states.

Legalized Marijuana: Washington, Colorado, California, New Mexico, Rhode Island – all Democrat states.

Closer to home, the highest prescription drug rates for opiates are Duluth and St. Louis County, with Minneapolis and Ramsey County close behind. All Democrat areas. Any thoughts?

Glenn Kampa