Maybe license fees need a closer look

Dear Editor:

“Wolf Lawmakers may ‘tweak’ the wolf season this coming legislative session,” Hackbarth said.

Hopefully instead of increasing the number of kills, they will “tweak” this outrageous revenue getter right out of existence. Despite their attempts to justify, the wolf hunt has never been anything but a DNR money-making ploy: 400 wolves offered for slaughter for $30 a chance in the lottery. If there had really been a need for a wolf season they could have simply sold 400 licenses for 400 wolves. But how many $30 chances were sold? It’s nothing but government greed.

As if the recent ludicrous season on morning doves wasn’t bad enough, this needless hunting/trapping season for timberwolves wins the prize for government gluttony. What will they put up for sacrifice next? Swans and Red-Winged Blackbirds? … Anything for a buck, I guess …

Maybe the DNR’s funding by way of license fees should be given a closer look.

Dave Skeldon