Early intervention is the key

Dear Editor:

On school security. That was a great article on safety of students. After about 10 paragraphs indicating concern, there are about 12 bullet points about measures being taken. Most are a work in progress, like card access and security cameras.

All of them, however, totally ignore the most obvious item to limit loss of life. School shooters will kill randomly until they meet armed resistance, at which point they generally shoot themselves. They are very seldom killed by anybody but themselves.

As outlined in the article, the front doors are open. Is a shooter supposed to check in at the office when he comes through those doors? Is there any resistance to him at that point of entry?

It would seem that very early intervention is the key. The easiest way to get that would be to train and arm some of the school employees who will then carry a concealed weapon. I’d be willing to bet there are many teachers and other employees who are already well qualified that wouldn’t mind being part of the plan.

Another option would be to hire one of the many unemployed people returning from military service, all well versed in the use of a wide variety of protection equipment.

The way it usually works out is as soon as protection of this sort is in place and becomes known, that “target” will not be attacked by one of these cowardly shooters.

This is a link to a mall shooting incident in Oregon, where the shooter was confronted with a firearm, not shot at, (target not clear) and after getting his gun unjammed, shot himself next. (http://www.kgw.com/news/Clackamas-man-armed-confronts-mall-shooter-183593571.html). Like I said, this is the pattern.

When you need help in seconds, the police are only minutes away.

John Martin