Check your facts

Dear Editor:

Ms. Oakes asks if I was implying that all red states and red state voters are “divorced criminals who eat and drink to excess,” and are also uneducated and stupid. Well, in a word, yes. Of course not every single person fits these descriptions, but what are we to think when states that are overwhelmingly conservative and religious have the worst stats? This isn’t hate, it’s reality, a concept that conservatives hold in as much disregard as they do science, but there it is.

As for my proof, start with the U.S. Census Bureau at www.census.aov and do a state-by-state comparison. The state of Minnesota has an excellent site where you can compare us to all other states. Then there is for health comparisons and on and on we go. Ms. Oakes’s insinuation that I’m making statistics up is a lie, and as someone I’m guessing considers herself a devout Christian, this sort of slander should be beneath her. Lying for self-interest is something so-called family value folks do, not me. I stand by all my facts, and the data is available, from nonpartisan, impeccable sources, for anyone not too lazy to engage in a few keystrokes on a computer, or walk to the nearest public library to use a few reference volumes.

As for “Most of Minnesota actually voted red,” even this is an untrue statement on her part. The entire metro area, as she mentioned, voted for Obama, as did Duluth and most of Northern Minnesota. As I mentioned, a plethora of square miles doesn’t count. Holsteins don’t vote. This has always been part of the conservative lie. A map of the U.S. looks mostly red, (though not so red anymore), but much of that area is uninhabitable, and uninhabited, and prairie dogs, coyotes and saguaro cacti can’t vote either.

Steven Hansmann