Isanti Primary School recognizes and acknowledges students

Kris Stueve, Principal
Isanti Primary School

The following are ways we say, Thank You and Good Work!

Daily Kids with Character: Teachers submit examples of what students have done to show one of our character traits; honesty, respect, responsibility, self-discipline or compassion. These examples are read on the announcements each day and students’ pictures are displayed on our Kids with Character wall.

Monthly Super Students and Kids with Character: On a monthly basis, teachers look for students who exemplify the character traits or put extra effort in their school work. Students’ names are read on the announcements. Students receive a certificate and are invited to “Walk with the Principal.”

Principal’s Reading Table: Each month students are challenged to meet the reading goals for their grade level by reading so many minutes or books throughout the month. Students meeting their goals receive reading tokens and have their names displayed on the Principal’s Reading Table board.

Lunchroom Awards: On a daily basis classes are awarded “Caught Being Good” awards or “Amazing Awards” for respectful lunchroom behavior. Classroom teachers follow up by having lunch with their students in the classroom once the class has received a certain number awards.

McDonald’s Student of the Month: We partner with our local McDonalds restaurant to recognize students from each grade who have exemplified excellence in the classroom. Each month students are nominated by teachers and receive coupons for McDonalds. One student from the nominated group is chosen to represent the school. This student has a picture taken and is displayed at the local McDonalds’ along with students from other local schools.

Caught Being Good:  Staff members hand out “Caught Being Good” coupons whenever they see a child being a responsible and respectful student in the school. Coupons are entered in a drawing with names chosen each week. Students have the opportunity to have lunch in the Kids’ Resource Room and their names are read on the daily announcements.

Ride with Pride: The Isanti Schools have worked the bus drivers who drive Isanti routes to recognize students who have appropriate behavior while riding the buses. Students receive “Ride with Pride” tickets. These tickets are place in a drawing in each building.  Student names are drawn and a small prize is given.  At Isanti Primary School all the Ride with Pride tickets are displayed in the hallway by the media center. Drivers are recognized

Classroom Recognitions: Teachers implement various student recognition programs in their classrooms. Talk with your child or your child’s teacher about what they do to acknowledge, honor and connect with others in their classrooms the school.