Erroneous assumptions made in letter

Dear Editor:

After reading a letter to the editor from Mr. Hansmann in your paper dated December 12, 2012, I felt compelled to respond.

Mr. Hansmann would like us to take him at his word for an awful lot. Since most of Minnesota (other than the metro area) actually voted RED, I am quite amazed at his grandiose and erroneous assumptions.

Mr. Hansmann made a sweeping accusation that all of the RED states (thereby implying all people who voted RED) are peopled with constituents who are divorced criminals who eat and drink to excess; and by stating they are “uneducated” the insinuation is definitely that they are also stupid and rampant with promiscuity and poverty.

Well—other than wondering how much “hate” is behind such erroneous assumptions—I have to smile that Mr. Hansmann would think anyone actually buys such nonsensical rhetoric. So I respectfully ask this “proud and progressive” citizen to please show the statistics used to make these unsubstantiated and sweeping claims about a major portion of Minnesota constituents.

Vonda Oakes