New Isanti Fire District evaluation benefits residents

Al Jankovich
Isanti Fire District

The firemen and women of the Isanti Fire District are excited to share the results of our most recent Insurance Services Office (ISO) evaluation.

Last October, ISO evaluated our Fire District’s effectiveness in the event of needed response to structure fire’s in our coverage area.

When ISO evaluates a Fire Department, they investigate each Fire Department’s capability from top to bottom. Points are given for items ranging from how accessible the Fire Departments telephone number is in the phone book, to how many gallons per minute a responding Fire Engine can pump.

The rural portion of the evaluation times with a stopwatch how fast our water hauling trucks can dump their load while parked, how many of our neighbors are within reach with trucks to aid us if we need help hauling larger quantities of water, and also how fast our crews can arrive at a location and pump a given amount of water consistently. This is all besides the audit of firefighter training records, a history check of how many firefighters typically respond to any given structure fire, and if you have effective preplans in place for higher potential fire loads.

Isanti Fire District’s ISO Public Protection Class (PPC) rating as of Dec. 1 has been improved to a 4 city and a 7/10 rural.

What does this mean? If your structure is in Isanti Fire District’s coverage area and within 1000 feet of a hydrant, your PPC is a 4. If your structure is beyond 1000 feet of a hydrant, but within 5 miles from one of our 3 Fire Stations, your PPC rating is a 7. If your structure is beyond 5 miles from one of our stations, your rating continues to be a 10. For the folks outside of the 5 mile radius, the new ISO rating will not affect you. However, other efforts are currently being pursued in attempt to extend our rural rating beyond this 5 mile radius.

How can this effect you? Through your insurance premiums. Insurance policy providers use many variables when computing the fire portion of your premium. Insurance Services Office sets a baseline for most insurance companies, worldwide.

PPC ratings range from 1-10, with 1 being the best. Residents in our fire district are benefiting from some of the best ratings in our state, and in the nation. Of 2,069 communities in Minnesota, Isanti shares a PPC 4 rating with only 103 of them.  Thirty-nine communities are able to outscore Isanti FD with their large municipal water supplies, 24/7 staffed fire stations and heavily manned dispatch centers. ISO 2’s and 1’s don’t currently exist in Minnesota.

Our rating, I’m proud to say, comes from 25 very dedicated volunteer firefighters and a solid Joint Operating Fire Board.  These people have all made good decisions along the way to build up solid infrastructure to work with and ultimately benefit from. IFD could not obtain this rating without continuing support from our city mayor, council, township supervisors, county commissioners and the 15,739 Isanti County residents we service.

Al Jankovich is the 1st Assistant Chief with the Isanti Fire District.