Move to a state with proud progressive values

Dear Editor:

Mr. Bacon believes that conservatism stands for “faith, family and freedom,” a typical self-congratulatory deceit not borne out by reality. I’ll make it short and sweet. The red states, without exception, that is, states that repeatedly vote republican, have the highest divorce rates, highest crime rates, both violent and property crimes, the highest online pornography use, with Utah and Mississippi coining in at the top, the highest obesity rates, the highest infant mortality rates, the shortest lifespans, the highest alcohol and drug addiction rates, the highest poverty rates, the lowest literacy rates, lowest high school graduation rates, lowest college education rates, very high teen pregnancy rates and unmarried mother rates, and compared to almost all blue states, lower incomes by a wide margin.

So, if you really are interested in faith, family and freedom, I suggest you move to a state with proud progressive values like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington, Oregon or old Taxachussettes, which has the lowest divorce rate of all the states in the union, and stay away from Texas, Mississippi, the Carolinas, Idaho and Oklahoma.

Steve Hansmann