Thankful for The Cambridge Center for the Arts

Dear Editor:

What a great voice and resource for creativity and the arts in Cambridge, ‘The Cambridge Center For The Arts.”

We are fortunate the center is here and thriving; it is a fine resource for ail of us who live in this community. The leaders of the effort to make it happen and keep it going have earned and do deserve a big thank-you from all of us for their excellent work—thank you.

There is in each of us the desire to create; it is a gift we know is there; it is a part of what it means to be a human being. Creativity and art are for all of us, not just for a “special class,” the “artist.”

Please—do not misunderstand me—we must have the “special and gifted ones.” They inspire and lift us all up in a nonmaterial way. I am saying, creativity and art are a part of the birthright of every human being and they affect everything we are and do. Just think—were it not for creativity and art there would be no wheel. We can not live without creativity and art; creativity is a prime mover in the universe; it is the way the universe works.

I am so glad for CCFA in Cambridge; it will lift us all up. Check it out—let the creative gifts loose.

Merlyn Larson