Local man charged with criminal sexual conduct

A Cambridge man is facing two counts of criminal sexual conduct after an incident that occurred on Nov. 23.

Kristopher Lawrence Erickson, 33, of Cambridge, was charged with felony 4th degree criminal sexual conduct where the actor is in a position of authority, and gross misdemeanor 5th degree non-consensual criminal sexual conduct.

Erickson appeared before Judge Gabriel Giancola on Monday, Nov. 26 in Isanti County District Court, where bail was set at $40,000 without conditions or $20,000 with conditions and next court appearance scheduled for Dec. 5.

According to the criminal complaint:

On Nov. 23, Isanti County Deputy Sheriff Chad Meyer was dispatched to a residence in Cambridge at approximately 3:40 a.m. While en route, Deputy Meyer was told that a woman had called 911 to report that the victim, who is between the ages of 16 and 17, had been physically touched between her legs by Erickson.

Deputy Meyer was informed that the victim had locked herself in the bathroom but Erickson was attempting to enter the bathroom. When Deputy Meyer arrived at approximately 3:58 a.m., he went to the back of the house to the entrance to the lower level of the house and observed Erickson standing on the porch in his boxer shorts on his cell phone.

Erickson, Deputy Meyer and Cambridge Police Department Officer Daniel Owl went inside the residence. When Erickson was asked where the bathroom was, he stated it was in the back corner and as he was speaking, Deputy Meyer could smell alcohol on him.

Erickson stayed with Officer Owl while Deputy Meyer walked to the bathroom, where he located the victim. Deputy Meyer asked what had happened, and she stated that Erickson had touched her in her private area, and after he touched her, she went into the bathroom and locked herself inside.

Deputy Meyer detained Erickson and had him sit in the back seat of the squad car while Deputy Meyer returned to the house to get a taped statement from the victim.

The victim stated she was asleep, but had woken up a few times tossing and turning, and thought she had heard profanity whispered into her ear before going back to sleep. She stated that Erickson then lifted the sheet off of her and from the shadows, she could see that he was staring at her behind.

The victim stated that Erickson then rubbed his hand between her legs over her clothing and whispered in her ear before he walked away. Shortly after that, she stated that Erickson came back and told her to have sexual relations with him, at which point she grabbed her cell phone and locked herself in the bathroom.

While she was in the bathroom, the victim stated that Erickson kept attempting to open the door, but she kept relocking it.

After taking the statement and photographs, Deputy Meyer went back to his squad car and asked Erickson what had happened that night and if he knew the reason why he had been called out there.

Erickson stated that whatever the victim had told Deputy Meyer was the right version of what had happened. When Erickson was asked if he touched the victim’s private area over her clothing, he paused before stating “guilty.”

Deputy Meyer then requested Erickson exit the vehicle and placed him under arrest.