Isanti moves forward with Co. Rd. 5 sidewalk project

The Isanti City Council approved an easement acquisition at the meeting Nov. 20 to move forward with the construction of a proposed sidewalk along Co. Rd. 5.

A permanent sidewalk easement is required at the corner of Credit Union Drive and Co. Rd. 5 to construct the pedestrian ramp at the intersection.

“I think this is just excellent,” Council Member Sue Larson said. “We’ve been working on this for so many years and talking about it and talking about it.”

The property is owned by MinnCo Credit Union. City Engineer Brad DeWolf said representatives from MinnCo have expressed their approval of the sidewalk project and have been willing to work with the city on obtaining the easement to allow the project to be completed.

“This is the only easement we need to complete the sidewalk,” DeWolf said. “I would personally like to thank MinnCo for working with us and making this easement possible.”

The sidewalk easement is within existing drainage and utility easement, and it extends 10.5 feet west and south from the northeast corner of the property. The easement will cover about 55 square feet of property.

“This, I think, will be it, and we’ll be able to get our sidewalks put in,” Larson said. “It will be wonderful. People have been asking for it for a long time.”

Isanti Council approves South Passage trail option for Railroad Avenue improvements

Isanti City Council members approved a layout option for the proposed trail along South Passage.

They approved the layout which will install the trail along the north side of South Passage the entire length from the existing trail to Railroad Avenue.

The total estimated project cost is $168,125, which is $40,000 more than the estimated cost of installing the trail along the south side of South Passage. However, Isanti Mayor George Wimmer said this option means people will have to cross the road fewer times.

“Having to cross traffic like that on purpose, to me is asking for some kind of trouble,” Wimmer said. “For me, the biggest thing is a safety issue. There’s a lot of people who walk this way.”

Addressing system discussed

Following a discussion at the Sept. 18 Isanti City Council meeting regarding the possibility of changing some addresses within the city, Isanti Mayor George Wimmer discussed a possible solution that would not affect anyone’s address.

The City Council heard a report from representatives during its Sept. 18 meeting from the Metropolitan Emergency Services Board (MESB) regarding the possibility of changing and updating city of Isanti addresses.

A geographic information system (GIS) is used to coordinate the effort for the region, and Isanti County has been working with a GIS 911 consultant and representatives from MESB to update all the addresses throughout the county. Their goal is to ensure that addresses and locations are accurately reflected within the GIS and ensure the correct emergency services are dispatched to the correct location.

While updating addresses, discrepancies had been noted in the city of Isanti, particularly along County Road 5. In a report to the city council, an MESB representative said the inconsistencies make it difficult to map and ultimately to dispatch emergency services to the correct address. In some cases, the computer may find two locations for the same address, which can result in misrouted calls and a delay in services.

As a solution, the MESB recommended the city council considers changing some street names and modifying house numbers for those areas identified.

However, during the Nov. 20 city council meeting, Wimmer said the name of the road will be changed within the system without affecting anyone’s address.

“That way, they’ll be able to accomplish what they need to accomplish from an emergency management standpoint,” he said.