Amazing generosity of the Cambridge community

Dear Editor:

There are so many things about my own hometown Cambridge that excite me and make me feel so fortunate to be a resident here: my neighbors in Goldenwood, Bruce Danielson’s wonderful presentation of “Seussical,” which totally enthralled my grandchildren, the sisters from the Li’l Farm, Linda from Curves and Herman’s Bakery that sends out the most marvelously baked goods each day. And now I’ve found another.

Shopping on cold and icy Black Friday was an adventure for many of us. Daughter and grandchildren, aged 8 and 2 in hand, headed for Kohl’s. I had my list too, but as we wandered the aisles the list became buried and the cart became incredibly full. The store had opened at midnight. and it was now almost 12 hours later, but the check out line was still long and the employees were still smiling. People with budgets in mind needed to find good bargains, and we had.

However, when the total was presented at check-out, my heart did that sudden drop. How did it add up so quickly? I had good things, each had added to the pile–daughter, grandchildren and I, and they were lovely things. But the total still astounded me. The unbelievable loveliness was just about to happen.

Receipt in hand, I approached my daughter who was talking to someone near the door, and they stopped me, too, to introduce themselves. Then Mark, the store manager, and Cari, also a manager, announced that I had been chosen as the first Dream Receipts Giveaway winner. My entire bill was to be paid by Kohl’s.

I still get a bit emotional when I think about this, but the part that really amazes me and pleases me almost as much is that even though I was the first winner, I will not be the only winner. I know that merchandisers have to attract our attention with sweet offers, but this one is one with true heart. For each day, at the same time, in every Kohl’s store, and I have no idea how many there are, someone will be chosen to be a Dream Receipts winner. Someone in our community each day until Dec. 24 will be treated with such great kindness as I was. Each day they will be amazed at the goodness that just popped into their lives. Someone from our area. Someone we might know. Someone who could be our neighbor. You.

Last night, I still felt a sense of disbelief as I looked at my packages and my “paid in full” slip, and I felt that coziness that the day couldn’t provide, but that Kohl’s had. Jeni, who helped us so kindly said, “We want to make dreams come true.”

I never dreamed when I walked into Kohl’s on that blustery day that I would leave with such an incredible story—not a dream story—a real story!

Della Theis