Thank you for voting ‘yes’ on amendments

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank Isanti County voters who overwhelmingly voted ‘yes’ on the marriage amendment and ‘yes’ on the Voter I.D. amendment. We also voted for Romney for president and Cravaack for congress. Some would have you believe that the DFL is in the majority all over Minnesota.

Well only 12 of the 87 counties in Minnesota voted “no” on the marriage amendment, and if not for Hennepin County, both amendments would have passed.

Take away Hennepin and Ramsey counties where most of the people who get something for nothing live and our electoral votes would have been for Romney. As you can plainly see, most of the area covering our state is right leaning. It’s true; it’s hard to beat Santa Claus in an election. And yes, I cling to my Bible and guns thanks to our first and second amendments to the Constitution of the United States. By the way, it’s a great and short read.

Larry Bacon