Heavenly Sunshine Nursery School tells us, ‘How to Cook a Turkey’

Submitted by the students of Heavenly Sunshine Nursery School, Faith Lutheran Church, Isanti.

Put it in the oven for 40 minutes? Why are you asking me? Don’t you know how to make it, Mom?
Gus, 5

Put it in the stove. Put it in a bowl. Put some raisins in there. Put craisins in there too. I put cereal in there too. I do. Put bananas in there. Now it’s ready to eat.
James, 3

First you take a turkey and cut its head off. Then you put it in a crock pot, and then you cook it for 4 minutes. Then it’s done.
Luke, 5

Bake it in the oven, then put it on the stove. Take it out and eat it.
Hannah, 4

Get a big pan and put the turkey in it. Fry it up. And then you eat it. It goes in your tummy. Then it goes down to your toes. That’s all.
Mason M., 4

First put the turkey in a pot. Put sprinkles on it. Then put peanut butter on it. Then cook it for 1 hour in the microwave.
Olivia, 4

When you cook it in a pan then you slice it into pieces. You have to put it on a plate when it’s done cooking. You turn on those little switches. Cook it on a fire with oil. And then you eat it all up! I know how to cook.
Emily, 4

Cook a turkey on the stove with onion, with apple.
Ben, 5

I would put beans um like corn and maybe pickles. Green beans and put all this food in the bowl. Then put in some water. Then put it all in a bowl. Put it in the oven. Take it out and put it in another bowl. Then we eat it.
Gavin, 4

Put oil on it. Cook it. Put beans on it and put some water on it. Smush it. Put more water in it. Put apple in it and that’s it.
Lily, 5

You have to buy a turkey at the store. Give it a bath in water to thaw. Fix bread, butter, green stuff and salt with my hands. I will wear my apron and mix up in big bowl. Put all into turkey butt. Then put in beg pan and turn on oven. Put in a glass of water and put pan in oven. Bake for a long time. Gramma will help you check on for being cooked. I will not open oven Gramma will. I will eat with Gramma and Granmpa. Mama will eat and Auntie Tara, Aingel, Hughie and Ruby will eat with me. My kitty will meow as he will want some. We will say a prayer to Jesus when we eat for thank you. It will be a good meal.
JJ, 3

Fry it! Eat it! Evan loves to eat turkey meat.
Evan, 4

Get the turkey from the store. Then put it on a pan. Put it in the bottom of the oven. I don’t know how long it’s in there though. Oh one more thing, there is a little pokey thing in the turkey that pops up when it’s done. Then you know you can eat it.
Mykah, 4

Well… First you gotta make a pan in a circle like a bush and a handle like a weed or something. Not sure where to get the turkey, but once ya got it, it goes in the pan. Put the pan in the oven for 5 minutes. Then take it out of the oven, let it cool down, and eat it with a feather in your hair and grandpa gives you a dollar.
Corbynn, 3

Put the turkey in the oven. A cookie goes in a bucket. A chicken bone goes in the oven too. You put a steak on the bottom of the chicken. Then you eat it.
Wyatt, 4

First you have to go to turkey bingo with grandma and grandpa to win a turkey. Then you bring it home and wash it in the sink. Put it in the pan with noodles, corn, beans and stuffing. Then it goes in the microwave for 1 day. All done time to eat.
Kenzie, 4

I don’t know. Put mustard on it and carrots and a salad. Put the turkey in the oven and cook it. Eat it!
Jaelyn, 4

Put the turkey in the soup. Then put the soup in your pocket and stir and stir and stir and stir. Then take it out of your pocket and be nice to the turkey. Then pet the turkey and say hello. Then put it back in your pocket and then take it out and put it in the soup. Then yell at the turkey. Then go to the barn and then go back to turkey and drink the soup. Then put the cheese and the honey in the turkey. Put the turkey in your pocket and then pull it out of your pocket and stir and stir and stir. Then leave you eye on it. Then go to the park and say hi to the cow, say hi to the lion and then eat the turkey. Then say he to the giraffe and the hippo. Then pet the turkey.
Atticus, 3

You get your turkey at turkey bingo with mom and dad. Bring it home and wash it in the bathtub because it’s big! You put it in the oven with toast, corn and stuffing. Bake on warm for 2 minutes. When it’s done put frosting on it and eat it!
Halle, 4

We let it thaw out. Pull the guts out. Put stuffing inside the turkey. We get the oven really hot and cook it until it’s really warm.
Tristen, 4

Turn the oven on hot put the turkey in a pan. Cook it til it’s hot and done. When it’s ready put it on a plate and eat it with forks.
Mason O., 5

Put oil on it. Cook it. Put beans on it and put some water on it. smush it. Put more water in it. Put apple in it and that’s it.
Lily, 5

Put in pan with monster trucks. Bake 8 minutes. Put whipped cream on it. Put on plate, eat it.
Paul, 4

Eggs, salad and carrots. I put all the vegetables in my turkey. Mustard and ketchup, put in tomatoes but I don’t like tomatoes. Then put it in the oven and then we eat it.
Saoirse, 4

You get your turkey from Mcdonalds. Then you put it in the oven with butter on it. Then you eat it with a bun.
Nevaeh, 4

Put it in a pan. Put it on the oven. Cook it. Put some salt and pepper and cheese and eat it up.
Morgan, 4 1/2 

First you cut it and then you put it in the oven. Cook it for 91 minutes. Then you say your prayers and then eat it.
Logan, 4

Put it in the oven to make it hot. Put salt on it. Put it in the microwave. Cut it. Then you are all done and you eat it.
Joshy, 4

Put a lot of pepper on the turkey. Stuff it. Cook it for 50 hours till it is nice and brown. Take it out of the oven. Take a knife cut off his legs. Sit at the table and eat it.
Zachary, 5

First you pull the turkey from the freezer. Then you stuff it with ham, carrots and broccoli. After that you put it in the oven at 50-60o  and cook it for 5 minutes. You know it’s done when it makes a beeping sound and smells very good.
Jadyn, 4

A oven, cook food in a oven. I don’t know. Put strawberry pie on it in the oven, and strawberries on it. Ahh… blueberries. Watermelon on it. Then it’s done. Then you eat it.
Allie, 4

First you need a turkey and celery and potatoes and  meat and mustard. Then you flip it and put BBQ sauce on it. Then you stir it three times, then add cereal and stir it one more time. Put it in a pan and put more potatoes in there and some ketchup in there.
Brooke, 3

1st take the turkey from the fridge. 2nd place turkey in the microwave. 3rd add some cherries. 4th add some peaches. 5th cook for 1 hour. 6th after cooking add hamburger’s. 7th cut turkey with knife. 8th enjoy eating the Thanksgiving Dinner.
Lilly, 3

Put into a pan. Cook it into a star and then we put in a fish. Must cook the eyes, body and feet.
Heidi, 3

Put it in a pan on the stove top, stir it, cook it and eat it.
Cole, 4

Put it in a pan, cook it on the stove top, then throw it away.
Kasey, 2

Use fire. And then you cook it, then bake it in the oven.
Ben, 5

First you go to Walmart and but it. Then you throw the turkey in the air and put it in the pan. Then you put sprinkles, salt and pepper on it. Then you cook it for 8 hours and then put it back in for 10 more minutes, after you stuff it full of stuffing then take it out and pull all the feathers off.
Mariah, 4

Cook a turkey for 10 hours. Put salt on it and peanut butter and jelly and top it with a hat and sparkles.
Isabelle, 4

You take an egg and mash it with the turkey. Then you take a match and burn it. Then I rip the turkey and put it in the oven. Then a tiger eats the egg.
Maxwell, 4

First you make the head, then you make the body, then you make the feet, then you make the eyes, then you make the face, then you make the legs. You give it a beard and a mustache. Put it on the stove with cheese and cook it at 5o for 5 minutes, when it’s done you put a necklace on it and then you eat it!
Brooklyn, 3

Kill the turkey, take the feathers off with your hands and cut their nails off with scissors. Put it in the stove and eat.
Arieana, 4

Buy the turkey at Walmart. Cook it at home. Cut it. Eat it with soup, potatoes and ice cream pie. Drink apple juice.
Brody, 3

The first thing we have to do is but a turkey. Then we clean the turkey. Put it in the oven, wait for it to be cold and we wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it. When it dings and doesn’t stink I know it’s good. Then we take it out, then daddy carves it and chops it up. Then daddy puts it on one of those black things. Then I eat it all gone.
Shelby, 4

Stir it up 10 times real fast, throw some sauce on it then hit the beep beep. Take it out when it’s real hot and grandma will do the rest.
Daytona, 3

First you get the turkey from the chicken farm. Then you wash it in the bath tub. You put the turkey in a case with ranch on it. Luke puts red muffins on top of the turkey and cooks it in the oven for 2 minutes. You then let the turkey sit for 2 minutes before you eat it.
Lucas, 3

First you put some oil in it. Then you put apples in it. Then put some soup and 2 carrots and mushrooms. Put milk in it. Put some more oil in it. Put it on a pan. Put it in the oven and grill it to. Then flip it. Shut the grill. Just cook it for a little bet an wait til it’s done. Take it off the grill and eat it.
Mason, 4

Shoot them. Cook them in the oven. Eat them.
Cyrus, 3

You put it in the oven, then you take it out and put hot dogs in it. Then put pineapple and oranges in it. Put it back in the oven. Take it out and eat it for Christmas!
Tristan, 3

I think… ok… you put it in the oven. Then some toppings I could put on. Like pepperoni, peppers… um… that’s all the toppings. Um… that’s all.
Liam, 5

Stir it, put some macaroni and cheese in it, put eggs in the turkey. Bake it in a pan until it’s warm. Then say your prayers, then eat it.
Madeleine, 4

Umm yah, I will make you a turkey. I paint it blue not you!!! Put it in the oven for A,B,C. It’s hot and pretty, take it out of the oven and throw it away.
Madalyne, 2 1/2

Put it in the oven at 10:30, it cooks for 1 and a half hours, then you take some stone soup pour it on the turkey, cut it up and put it back in the oven for 3 and a half hours. Take it out and eat it and cut it.
Emma, 4 1/2

You cook a turkey in the oven. I would put cheese on it, then ham on it. And then some ice cream. Then we need to cut it up with a knife, and take one piece. The turkey will be so yummy.
Aurorah, 4